Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Thessaloniki




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No one is really sure when the Heptapyrgion was built, although there are theories that it was constructed between the 2nd and 9th centuries. Its name means “Fortress of Seven Towers”, but it actually has ten. It functioned as a prison in 1890s until 1989. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

War Museum of Thessaloniki


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This museum occupies a building that was designed by Vitaliano Posseli and has a neoclassical architectural style. Inside, you’ll see artifacts that date back to the 19th and 20th century, including weapons and rare original documents. Weaponry and military equipment, along with personal objects of fighters, are also on display. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Zeitenlik is a military cemetery and the largest World War I memorial park in Greece. It contains the graves of Allied soldiers who perished on the Salonika front, with sectors for Serbian, French, Italian, and Russian soldiers. The cemetery has been guarded by the Mihailović family from the 1920s up until the present. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Aristotelous Square


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The Aristotelous Square is one of the most popular places in Greece and is almost synonymous with Thessaloniki. It’s the main square of the city and has a huge sociopolitical significance. It was designed by Ernest Hebrard in 1918, although the main construction of the square took place in the 1950s. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Arch of Galerius and Rotunda


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The Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda are two separate but neighboring structures that were commissioned by the Roman Emperor Galerius. The Arch was built around 299 AD while the Rotunda was constructed in 306 AD. The Rotunda is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Museum of Byzantine Culture


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Kyriakos Krokos’s design for the museum was chosen through an architectural competition. The building’s construction started on March 1989 and was finished on October 1993. Today, the museum features exhibits about the early Christian churches, cities, dwellings, and culture and displays ancient jewelry, clay and glass objects, and other items. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki


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This museum was built in 1962, with a new wing added on 1980. Its exhibits focus on the Archaic period in Greece as well as the Classical Antiquity, Hellenistic, and Ancient Roman periods. Some of the displays include Macedonian sculptures, gold artifacts from the Sindos cemetery, and reconstructed portions of the Temple of Aphrodite. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Agia Sophia


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This church was built in the 8th century and is one of the oldest churches in the city. It was turned into a mosque when the Ottomans invaded Thessaloniki, and it was converted back into a church in 1912 when the city was liberated. The Agia Sophia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Agios Demetrios


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A small oratory was built in this location in the 4th century. It was rebuilt in the mid-600s AD as a basilica with five aisles, which is the current structure of the church. The Agios Demetrios became one of the Palaeochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

White Tower of Thessaloniki


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The White Tower was constructed after the Ottomans captured the city in 1430. It was originally called the Red Tower because of the countless tortures and executions that took place within its wall but, when Thessaloniki was liberated in 1912, it was whitewashed and given its present name.

Top 10 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Corfu Island


Paleá Períthia


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This is a Venetian-era village located on the north slope of Mt Pandokrátor. Although abandoned since the 1960s, it has received a fair share of visitors since the 1990s, particularly those looking for second-home restoration projects. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Although the castle has been repaired, it’s really nothing much to see. However, if you like views then you will surely be rewarded if you trek to the summit. Originally a foundation of Manuel I Komnenos (Byzantine emperor), it was used by Venetians as a watchpoint for surveying Adriatic sea-lanes. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Theotókou monastery


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Sitting at the top in Paleokastrítsa is a beautiful monastery. Although dating back to the 13th-century, it was rebuilt 500 years later because of a fire. There are many noteworthy icons in the church and the courtyard is equally lovely. Also, monks still live here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Colovri Islet


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This is the best scuba diving sport near Paleokastrítsa, where the best sites are located as well. A scenic canyon on the northwest shore of the islet is where dives typically start. Barracuda, grouper and amberjack are some of the marine life that can be seen here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Mon Repos


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This is the birthplace of Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. It was built in 1831 for the British High Commissioner and was later used by the Greek royal family as their summer home. The house is set in a beautiful park and has been restored after it became derelict. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Corfu Trail


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It takes a minimum of eight days to cover this 220 kilometer course that stretches the entire island. Every landscape you could imagine can be witnessed here but be warned that not much maintenance is done here. As such, it feels more like a dirt track than a true path. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

History and Folklore Museum of Central Corfu


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This museum is located in Sinarádes and features two floors of exhibits. The building it is housed in is a traditional Corfiot house with the ground floor left as it was when the structure was inhabited. The upper floor is dedicated to miscellaneous items. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Located west of here are rock formations bearing otherworldly shapes. These sandstone cliffs were formed through the years by wind and water. The Canal d’Amour is the most famous formation and named as such for the belief that women seeking love can gain the affection of who interests them by swimming the length of the channel. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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A mass-market resort located in the north coast, Kassiópi has retained its charm as a resort since time past. During the Roman imperial times, Tiberius kept a villa here and Nero paid a visit. One of the notable structures here is the small Byzantine-Angevin castle dating back to the 13th-century. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Kérkyra Old Town


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Although there’s so much to do here, simply walking the old quarter is such a treat – particularly the pastel-hued homes. Also in town are several museums worth visiting such as the Corfu Archaeological Museum, the Andivouniótissa (Byzantine) Museum and the Asian Art Museum.

10 Most Famous Movies That Have Been Filmed in Greece


The Two Faces of January


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This is a thriller film written and directed by Hossein Amini and was released in 2014, starring Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac. Its story is based on the 1964 novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith. It was filmed in Athens and Crete. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos


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This is a 2010 Australian motion picture comedy sequel to the 2000 film “The Wog Boy”, starring Nick Giannopoulos, Costas Kilias and Vince Colosimo. In this movie, the wog boy, Steve, inherits a beach on Mykonos, prompting him to fly from Australia to this Greek island. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Before Midnight


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Filmed in Messinia and released in 2013, this American romantic drama film, which was directed by Richard Linklater and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, is the third in a trilogy that features two characters, following the movies “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”. Like the previous films, it received widespread acclaim. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


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This 2001 war film, created in Cephalonia, is based on a novel by Louis de Bernières, paying homage to the Italian soldiers who were executed by German forces in 1943 on the island and to the people killed in the post-war earthquake. It stars Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

My Life in Ruins


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This is a romantic comedy film released in 2009 and filmed in the ruins of Greece, specifically Athens, Olympia and Delphi, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Nia Vardalos, Alexis Georgoulis, Harland Williams, Rachel Dratch and Alistair McGowan. It is about a tour guide who gets entangled in comic situations in the ruins.

For Your Eyes Only


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This is the 12th film in the James Bond series released in 1981 and the 15th to star Roger Moore. This film marked the debut of director John Glen, who had also worked as second-unit director and editor in other James Bond films. It was filmed in Corfu and Meteora. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Zorba the Greek


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Based on the novel of the same title by Nikos Kazantzakis, this film is a must-see especially if you are interested in Greek literature and culture, as it portrays the tradition and lifestyle of Crete. The film is well-known for featuring the music by the renowned composer, Mikis Theodorakis. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Mamma Mia!


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Promoted as “Mamma Mia! The Movie”, this is a 2008 romantic comedy musical film, starring Meryl Streep, adapted from the musical of the same name that was performed at the West End and Broadway based on the song of the successful pop group ABBA. It was set on Skopelos. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Lara Croft Tomb Rider: The Cradle of Life


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This is a 2003 sequel to the action-adventure film “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, starring Angelina Jolie as the titular Lara Croft character. It starts with a wedding in Santorini that is interrupted by an earthquake. Aside from Santorini, other places in Greece are used for its filming. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

The Bourne Identity


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This is a successful American-German action thriller film released in 2002 that was adapted from the novel of the same name by author Robert Ludlum. The film stars Matt Damon as the fictional character Jason Bourne, who is suffering from extreme memory loss and trying to know his true identity amid a conspiracy within the CIA. It was filmed in Mykonos.

10 Reasons Why Greece’s Zakynthos Is Incredible


It has unique rock formations


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Located on the western shore of the island, these rock formations will surprise you with their interesting shapes. One of the most famous is Mizithres, which is composed of two conical rocks called the Small and Big Mitzithra. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has numerous blue caves

blue cave antalya

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Blue caves — so called because of the white stones on the cave floor that reflect the turquoise waters and cerulean skies — are accessible only by boat and are a must-see during sunrise and sunset. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It’s a great place for BASE jumping


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Rope and BASE jumping have become a popular sport in Zakynthos because of its breathtaking views. Many jumps take place in Navagio beach. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It’s also a great place for water sports


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Zakynthos’s gorgeous beaches are excellent locations for sailing, kiting, and windsurfing. It’s also fantastic for diving with its many underwater caves. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has several beautiful churches


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These include St. Dionysios Church, which is located on the seashore and is one of the most recognizable buildings on the island due to its tall bell tower. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It’s rich in flora and fauna


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Zakynthos is home to loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), which lay their eggs on the island’s beaches. Fruits and olives are abundant on the island. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has many underwater springs


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Xigia, a small beach in Zakynthos, is known for its underwater springs that emit sulfur, which is said to help with rheumatism, muscle pains, and other health conditions. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has interesting festivals


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Easter is a great time to visit Zakynthos and observe the island’s unique Holy Week celebration. You’ll also want to visit during the island’s Carnival, which lasts 15 days and involves parades, dances, plays, and horse racing. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has many historical landmarks


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These include Solomos Square (dedicated to Dionysios Solomos, who wrote the Greek national anthem) and Aghios Markos square (where revolutionaries made their stand in 1797). Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

It has impressive beaches


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One of these is Navagio, a white pebbly beach that can be accessed only by boat. Another is Laganas, which stretches up to six miles.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Crete You Need To See


Chora Sfakia


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The journey to this village is spectacular in its own right, and once you are there, you will know why it is special. Attractions include an old fortress, the Cave of Daskaloyiannis and the Sweetwater Beach. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This picturesque town is known for its streets that are paved with cobblestones and livestock that are roaming the fields. Here, you will find a beautiful monastery and little shops selling unique treasures. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This attractive and refreshingly unspoiled village is famous for its spring water. It is also where excavations are made and found that the Romans and the Minoans settled here in the past. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Located on the far southeastern flank of Crete, this quiet farming settlement offers a splendid topography of sweeping mountainsides filled with caves. Its isolation means that you will have a peaceful holiday here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Kato Zakros


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Amazingly set along the coast, this town is known for having great pebble beaches and dazzling waters with tranquil atmosphere. Another big draw here is the Palace of Zakros archaeological site. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This town is located near the Ideon Cave where Zeus is believed to spend his youth. It offers stunning landscapes and several outdoor cafés, with ideal spots for sitting under the shade of old trees. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This town holds the promise of great beaches where you will be able to experience iconic oceanic views that are closely associated with the island and the culture of tourism here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Agios Nikolaos


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This medium-size town has lots of leisure activities to offer, which include walking along several distinct waterfronts. Covering three hills, this bustling town manages to combine art, leisure and relaxation effectively. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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The Venetian part of this town’s history is intact, while offering modern luxuries. It has Venetian villas converted to hotels, narrow shops, great restaurants and the ever impressive Venetian Harbour. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This town is attracting visitors all year round with a major archaeological museum, trendy shops and cafes, while being bustling place. Generally, this place offers a lot of hidden treasures that you will discover during your trip here.

Top 10 Awesome Facts About Greece You Don’t Know


Sports Success

Euro 2004 Final : Portugal 0 vs. Greece 1

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Its sports teams have performed well over the years. The Greek national basketball team, for example, was the champion of UEFA Euro 2004 and ranked 12th in the world in 2014. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Relations With Turkey


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It has been at war with Turkey until the late 1990s due to disputes over various territories. The relationship between the two countries improved when they were both struck with an earthquake in 1999 and ended up helping each other. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Greek Olives

Westminster Abbey

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It’s the second-largest producer of olives in Europe and the third-largest producer around the world. The country produced 147,500 tons of olives in 2010. Its other crops include cotton, pistachios, rice, and figs. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Mount Olympus


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Its highest mountain is Mount Olympus, which rises to 2,918 meters at its highest peak. The Ancient Greeks believed that Zeus and the other gods lived on this mountain. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

The Land’s Origin


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It used to be a mass of rock that was underwater until tectonic movement forced it upward and created the country’s steep, rocky mountains. The tectonic plate responsible for Greece’s formation is still moving, causing frequent earthquakes. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Great Biodiversity


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It’s one of the most biodiverse places in Europe and around the world, with 240 species of birds, 116 species of mammals, 107 species of fish, and 59 species of reptiles. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Most World Heritage Sites


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It has 18 World Heritage Sites, which is one of the highest numbers around the world. These sites include Delphi, the Acropolis, the old town of Corfu, and the sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Perfect Climate


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It has over 250 days of sunshine in a year. This makes it ideal as a winter holiday destination for those who live in cold climates. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Thousands Of Islands


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It has thousands of islands. Depending on the definition of “island”, they can be as few as 1,200 to as many as 6,000. The largest island is Crete, followed by Euboea. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Worldwide Influence


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It has greatly contributed to the Western Culture. Arts, culture, sports, government, science, mathematics, theater, literature, philosophy — all of these have been influenced by the Greeks.

Top 10 Most Delicious Traditional Greek Food You Need In Your Life


Honey and Baklava


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This is a popular Greek sweet that is often based on a combination of olive oil and honey, along with flaky filo pastry. The classic baklava is prepared with layering honey, ground nuts and filo. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Also known as fish roe dip, this delectable food is a mainstay of any Greek meal. It is a creamy blend of white or pink fish roe with either a bread or potato base, and drizzled with lemon juice or virgin olive oil. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Tirokroketes, Sfougata


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These are golden fried cheese balls that will melt in your mouth when you eat them. Particularly, the Tirokroketes are prepared with mixed cheese, while the Sfougata is made with local cheese. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Feta Me Meli


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Served as a dessert or an entrée, this food is feta wrapped in filo pastry that is oven baked and then drizzled with honey. It offers an unforgettable taste with a delicate balance between the sweet honey and salty feta. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Courgette Balls, Kolokythokeftedes


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This is a starter that sometimes comes in the form of a patty or a lightly fried ball, with the body of the fritter usually made of pureed or grated courgette and blended with mint, dill or other spice combinations. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Greek Salad


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This salad is a staple with every meal made of juicy ripe tomato, crunchy cucumber, red onion and olives, with a giant slab of feta on top. It is dressed with lemon juice and vinegar. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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Pastitsio is a delicious baked pasta dish. Similar to moussaka, it’s made with pasta, minced meat, tomato sauce and topped with bechamel sauce. It’s a staple of Greek cuisine. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This is basically anything—lamb, pork, chicken, etc.—that is grilled on a skewer. It is sometimes served the same way as a gyro, being wrapped in pita bread with garnish and sauce. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!


Charlie Richards Photography, Woman and Home

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Eaten as a finger food, this is a classic grape leaf-wrapped rice parcel incorporated with minced meat, which is sometimes stuffed with vine leaves, thyme, fennel, dill, pine nuts or oregano. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This is an iconic Greek baked dish that is based on layering. It is prepared with minced meat, sautéed aubergine, fried pureed tomato, potato, garlic, onion and other spices, like cinnamon, and then topped with cheese and béchamel sauce.

Top 10 Essential Things To Do In Athens In One Day


Walk the National Gardens


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This is the best way to escape the city. With many places of interest well connected by parks and pedestrian streets, you will seemingly have a complete tour here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Explore Monastiraki Flea Market


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Basically, the flea market is not a place that you would think of it, except for Sundays when people come from the hills to lay out their blankets and sell a plethora of valuable items. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Explore Psiri


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Psiri should not be overlooked with its endless small streets of restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries, theaters and clubs, all within a minute’s walk from the streets of Athinas and Ermou. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Climb Mount Lycabettus


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While you might think that there is not something important in this green mountain that is towering out of the center of Athens, there is—a spectacular view. There are also tourist amenities here. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Watch the sunset from the top of Thiseio Hill


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Thiseio hill is close to Monastiraki and Acropolis. From it you can see most of Athens and Acropolis, although higher. It’s a very beautiful place to enjoy the sunset. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Roam around the Plaka neighborhood


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Plaka has many shops and cafes, which means that it is a great area to find something to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. It is also home to some historic sites and ruins, including the Tower of Winds. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Try great food at a restaurant with panoramic view


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One of the best things to experience in Athens is its fantastic Greek food, which consists of a lot of meat, vegetables and, of course, feta! You will find it in the city’s diverse array of restaurants. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Visit Syntagma and watch the Evzones


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Evzones are the presidential guard that are positioned outside the old Royal Palace. They are dressed in characteristic traditional clothes and walk in such a way that has made them popular among tourists, especially during the switch of the guard. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Explore the National Archaeological Museum


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A 45-minute walk from Syntagma will take you to this one of the greatest museums in the world. This museum houses a stunning collection of ancient Greek sculpture, pottery, jewelry, etc. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Tour the ancient Acropolis


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A visit in Athens would not be complete without touring the Acropolis, which is comprised of architectural wonders that have influenced modern architecture. The most famous attraction here is the Parthenon.

Top 10 Most Delicious Greek Desserts You Need In Your Life




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This is one of the most popular desserts in Greece that is made with a special type of pastry, known as kataifi. It is sometimes referred to as sweet spaghetti due to its shape. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Portokalopita, Orange Pie


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This is a Greek yoghurt custard cake recipe that is prepared with phyllo dough to create a layered texture and added with orange for a sweet scent. It is said that this dessert originated from the island of Crete. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Halvas, Semolina Pudding


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This famous Greek dessert is prepared by toasting semolina in oil to bring out an irresistible smell and then soaking it in hot syrup. It is combined with clove and cinnamon, creating a good aroma. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Theeples, Sweet Fried Bow Knots


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These are sweet fried bow knots that are cooked until golden brown and then placed somewhere to cool. After toppings are added, they are left to cool before being served. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Yiaourti me Meli, Yogurt with Honey


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This is a delicious yogurt with honey recipe that is drizzled with walnuts, sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon and infused with vanilla essence. This is good if you are a sweet tooth but is looking for something nutritious. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Galaktoboureko, Milk Pie


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The main ingredient of this recipe is the phyllo dough, which is said to take some time to prepare, though the effort is definitely worth it. The final product is composed of layers of buttery, crispy and flaky pastry. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Kokakia, Greek Cream Puffs


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These are cream puffs made by filling small cake-type cookies with pastry cream, dipping them in light syrup and then coating them with a chocolate glaze. They can also be rolled in shredded coconut. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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While there are many varieties of baklava, this one in Greece is a must-try. It can be added with other ingredients to make it more tasty, such as chocolate, pistachio, cream cheese and honey nut. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!



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This delicious dessert is not very difficult to make that it is served fast. Basically, they are made of soft cookies that are dipped in honey syrup and then covered with shredded walnuts. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Loukoumades, Honey Puffs


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These are golden balls of fried dough bathed in sweet syrup and drizzled with walnut and cinnamon. Having a similar taste as biscuits, these are almost always served with powdered sugar toppings.

Top 10 Most Amazing Things To See In Greece Before You Die


Mount Athos


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Mount Athos is an autonomous state under Greece and is considered to be the center of Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism. Unfortunately, only male visitors are allowed to enter this area and marvel at its commitment to spirituality. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Myrtos Beach


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Known as the best beach in Greece, Myrtos will astound you with its turquoise and dark blue waters that contrast with its white pebbly beach and towering cliffs and mountains. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Melissani Cave


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You’ll need to get on a boat to explore this cave, which features steep walls and a small island overrun by figs. Observe the lake and its sparkling blue waters before guide takes you through a narrow passage in the cave. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!


View of Mystras looking up towards the castle fortifications and the Byzantine Othodox monastery of Pantanassa , Mystras , Sparta, the Peloponnese, Greece. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Although Mystras was abandoned in the 1800s, many of its medieval buildings are still around. Explore the ruins to learn more about the place that used to be the Peloponnese capital in the 14th century. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Delphi Theater


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Constructed in the 4th century, the Delphi Theater could seat more than 4,000 people and give them an excellent view of the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding area. It has been recently renovated to protect it from landslides. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Meteora Monasteries


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The monasteries are located at the top of towering rocks, and you can reach them through steep stone steps. Climbing up them can be challenging, though the effort is worth the spectacular views you’ll enjoy. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Samaria Gorge


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This is one of the best attractions in Crete. Ten miles in length and cutting through pine and cypress forests, the gorge requires you to walk at least four hours before you can emerge at the Agia Roumeli. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Mount Olympus


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If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you’ll want to see Mount Olympus. With its highest peak soaring up to 2,919 meters, it adds a depth of realism to all those myths and makes you wonder if they really were just ancient stories. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

Acropolis Museum


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The museum’s glass and steel construction adds a modern flair to the ancient wonders it holds. Explore historical sculptures, statues, and other pieces to learn more about the country’s history. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!


Moon, Night, Parthenon, The Acropolis and Environs, Athens

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Of course, visiting the Acropolis Museum isn’t enough! Complete your trip by heading down to the Parthenon and marveling at this architectural gem that has withstood the test of time.

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