10 Most Famous Hollywood Stars That Own A House In Greece

Greece is loved by all and even more so by Hollywood stars who not only visit every year but they even own houses in the country.

10 Greek Actors That Made It To Hollywood

Below are 10 of the most famous Greek actors born in Greece or with Greek parents that had a successful acting career in Hollywood

10 Best Greek Restaurants in the World

Greeks can be found all over the world and the same goes for our cuisine. Here are the best Greek restaurants around the planet!

10 Most Famous Movies That Have Been Filmed in Greece

It is no surprise that Greece has been the filming location for many famous Hollywood movies due to how beautiful its landscape is. Here are the best!

Top 10 Greek Islands Covered In Snow

In the last couple of days it has snowed a lot in Greece. Cities have been covered in snow, lakes have frozen and above all, islands have turned white!

10 Best Strange Foods In Greece

Here are some of the best and strangest foods in Greece that might have an unusual appearance or unique taste but are popular among locals!

10 Unique And Unusual Greek Superstitions

If you've ever been to Greece you might have noticed many people believe in superstitions. Some of them might seem very weird! Do you believe in any?

10 Most Famous Models That Have Visited Greek Islands

Just like millions of travelers, models also can't resist visiting Greece. Here are the most famous gorgeous models that have enjoyed vacation in Greece!

Top 10 Bars in Santorini Island

These are the most popular bars in Santorini Island, full of lively people especially during the summer months!

10 Amazing Places In Greece That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

Here are 10 places in gorgeous Greece that will make you wanna pack your bags and go there immediately!

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