What to Do in Rethymno

The third largest city of Crete, Greece with a population of roughly 40,000 is the capital of Rethymno regional unit. Rethymno was first built during the civilization of Minoan- on the site of ancient Arsinoe and Rhithymna.

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Beautiful Pelion

Pelion popularly known as the ‘hidden gem’ of Greece is a mountainous area of Thessaly, Greece. Pelion is skirted by a forest which has so many trees. Pelion is believed to be one of the most beautiful hilly areas in Greece and it is a frequently sought out spot by tourists. These are some interesting things about Pelion and some fun places you should stop at when you visit the city.

10 Most Beautiful Greek Lakes

One of the reasons why no one should ever miss an opportunity to visit Greece is the lakes. They are beautiful, enchanting, and offer visitors a unique feeling of warmth and love. If you are visiting Greece, here are 10 of lakes you should never miss.

10 Most Beautiful Greek Rivers

Greece is blessed with lots of rivers. They are beautiful, interesting, and full of great views. There are so many things you can do at these rivers, including rafting, canoeing, feeding birds, and just sightseeing and taking pictures. Here are ten most beautiful Greek rivers you should never miss.

10 Beautiful Places in Greece Few People Know

Here are 10 amazingly magical places in Greece that are so beautiful, it's hard to believe they're not very well known, compared to other destinations in the country.

10 Perfect Winter Destinations in Greece

If you think Greece is a great destination only for summer, you are wrong. Here are 10 perfect winter locations in Greece that will change your mind!

10 Cozy Cafeterias in Greece That Will Warm You Up

Looking for the coziest and most lovely cafeterias and bars in Greece? Come inside to warm yourself and enjoy a hot beverage. Here are the best!

10 Lesser Known Amazing Places in Greece

Here are 10 gorgeous places in Greece not many people know. They usually don't make it into top 10 lists but are definitely beautiful and worth visiting!

Go See These 10 Places in Greece before They Become Too Expensive

Despite Greece being such a popular travel destination, there are still beautiful places that are not well known. Here are 10 unseen wonderful places!

10 of the Most Amazing Ancient Sites in Greece

Greece is known around the world as one of the richest countries in history and ancient ruins. Here are 10 amazing ancient sites that prove this!

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